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Is It Normal for Cities to be Members of Their Respective Chamber of Commerce?

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Since the City of Huber Heights is not a member of its respective chamber of commerce, I was curious if it was “normal” for cities to be members of their respective chambers.

So I looked at a few neighboring cities and found that, yes, it is normal for cities to be members of their chambers of commerce. Granted, I didn’t look at every city that exists, so this is

Here are the Cities that are members of their Chamber:

Yes, the City of Dayton is a member of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Interestingly enough, so is Huber Heights, along with the following cities:

Also, and interestingly enough, while the city is not a member of the Huber Heights Chamber of Commerce, the Huber Heights Division of Fire, Huber Heights Police Division, and Huber Heights Streets Division are.