Huber Heights Ward 3 Resident

Expenses & Contributions

These “expenses” will be reported as “in-kind” contributions to my campaign (or, more accurately, to my committee Citizens for Joseph Hendrix) on Form 31-J-1. They are all paid by me, out of my own pocket.

In addition to the details in the table below, the form requires me to list myself as a contributor, including my name (Joseph Hendrix), my address (6019 Taylorsville Rd), and my employer (Northrop Grumman).

date amount where what
1/29/2021 $45.00 Montgomery County BOE nominating petition filing fee
2/17/2021 $12.00 Google domain name
3/2/2021 $14.05 Amazon campaign t-shirt
3/2/2021 $35.00 Ohio Ethics Commission Financial Disclosure Statement
3/18/2021 $26.77 magnetic bumper stickers
3/31/2021 $20.00 Facebook advertising
3/31/2021 $15.00 Huber Heights Chamber of Commerce April Chamber Speaker Series
4/9/2021 $35.91 Rural King community cleanup supplies
4/9/2021 $157.30 yard signs
4/17/2021 $17.73 Staples label for yard sign disclaimers
4/17/2021 $2.97 Lowes yard sign holders
5/1/2021 $5.93 Lowes yard sign holders
5/23/2021 $20.00 Facebook advertising

I’ve also had a couple of in-kind contributions, both for my April 10th Community Cleanup:

date amount who what
4/7/2021 $10 Dillion Allen/Cafe 19 gloves for community cleanup
4/10/2021 $30 Anita & Brian Kitchen community cleanup supplies

All together, that means $447.66 has been spent on my campaign.

Pre-Primary Campaign Finance Report

The pre-primary campaign report contains all contributions and expenses up to April 14th, 2021. Hence, contributions and expenses after that date are not on it.

The report was due April 22nd, 2021 by 4pm, but I submitted it a couple of days early on April 19th. There is a post-primary campaign finance report that is due June 11th at 4pm.

Post-Primary Campaign Finance Report

The post-primary campaign report contains all contributions and expenses, including those that were reported on the pre-primary campaign report.

The report was due June 11th, 2021 by 4pm, but I submitted it a couple of weeks early on May 25th. I would have submitted it earlier, but I was waiting for a Facebook Ad bill to be paid (it was paid on May 23rd).