Huber Heights Ward 3 Resident

Ohio Ethics Commission Financial Disclosure Statement

Note: This financial information is for the calendar year 2020.

Sources of Income

Sources of Gifts

Names of Spouse Residing in Household and Any Dependent Children

Names of Business

Note: I do a number of “side hustles” that earn me income in addition to my day job.

Land (Real Estate) In Ohio

Creditors Over $1,000

Note: I pay off my credit cards in full each month; however, sometimes the balance exceeds $1,000, which means I am required to report them. I also have a US Bank and a Capital One credit card, but those balances never exceed $1,000.

Debtors Over $1,000

Note: “Debtors” means people or entities that owe me money (outside of traditional investments and banking accounts). No one owes me anything.

Investments Over $1,000

Offices/Fiduciary Relationships